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The Knapp Burn Foundation Generously Gifts IMH $10,000

The year 1989 was the year of a new foundation that was made to help so many people. The Knapp Burn Foundation was created in hopes to support burn victims and their support systems. 

Back in 1975, a Knapp family member was in a car accident and had been seriously injured. He was airlifted to Loyola Hospital in Chicago, IL where the medical professionals performed many surgeries due to severe burns and several traumatic injuries. After this accident, the Knapp Family and friends personally experienced disturbing truths that the average person is still unaware of; “current support systems not being adequate to cope with the losses suffered through burns. So, the Knapp Burn Foundation was created as a not-for-profit organization committed to:

  • Assist burn victims and their families through the temporary and/or permanent physical, social, economical and emotional challenges.
  • Advocate assimilating burn survivors to return to socially fulfilling and occupationally productive lives.
  • Educating and equipping the public with burn information.” (

The Knapp Burn Foundation had their first board meeting at Loyola, where a family member’s life had been saved years prior. The first starting point for the foundation was raising money for compression garments/educational scholarships for burn victims. The organization began to grow widely once they began to reach out to patients and families, as well as attend community events. This foundation became the roots for these families and the great care and support the Knapp Burn Foundation provided started spreading by word of mouth.

Today, the Knapp Burn Foundation runs Nation-Wide and assists burn victims and their support systems. Their headquarters is located in Bloomington, IL. In May, the foundation celebrated their 31st birthday. For the past 31 years, the foundation has been run successfully by unpaid volunteers.

The Knapp Foundation is very familiar with Iroquois County. In fact, all five Knapp children were born at Iroquois Memorial Hospital, and their mother volunteered with IMH for many years. IMH is lucky to have supporters all around including the Knapp family. 

In January, the Knapp Burn Foundation Board was looking to fund an organization in Iroquois County. When they heard that Iroquois Memorial Hospital was raising money for a new fire alarm panel, Barb and the board had to be a part of the support. “We wanted our funds to go as far as they could by giving back to the community,” said Barbara Knapp.

On April 1st, 2020 the Knapp Burn Foundation presented a $10,000 check to IMH to put towards a new fire panel system. ”The point of a fire alarm panel is to activate a quick emergency response when there is a fire, says Lori Yates, the Environmental Services Director at Iroquois Memorial Hospital. When a fire breaks out, the fire panel receives a signal from a smoke detector/heat detector/pull station or the sprinkler system, activating the fire alarm system and sends a signal to our fire alarm monitoring company who notifies ICOM that we have a fire alarm.” Iroquois Memorial Hospital is very grateful to the Knapp Burn Foundation for this generous donation. 

To help support The Knapp Burn Foundation, Iroquois Memorial Hospital would like to invite you to attend the annual virtual “Trial by Fire” 5K Run/Walk taking place Saturday, October 3rd, and Sunday, October 4th, 2020. You are able to take part anywhere in the country.  Please join us by visiting the link below to take part and/or donate. All race proceeds benefit the Knapp Burn Foundation.  

To learn more about The Knapp Burn Foundation, the Trial by Fire 5K, or current grants provided, please visit


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