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Employee Committee Basket Raffle

The IMH Employee Committee hosted a Basket Raffle for the month of July and it was a big hit!

How it Worked

Various departments submitted their basket by Friday, July 10th to the Marketing/IT hallway. These baskets could either have a theme, or just simply be random items put together in a nice display. Then, from Monday July 13th to Thursday, July 30th, employees could come see the baskets, buy tickets, and put their tickets in the coordinating bucket of the basket(s) they wanted to win. We had some really awesome and creative basket submissions, as shown below!

The Results

On Friday, July 31st, the winners were drawn! The results were as follows:

Basket 1 – Fun in the Sun – Made by Human Resources
Toni Myers-Multi Specialty Physicians Clinic

Basket 2 – Pet Basket – Information Technology & Clinical Informatics
Toni Myers-Multi Specialty Physicians Clinic

Basket 3 – Summer Fun
Kassie Fink-Medical Records

Basket 4 – Wake Me Up Before You Go Go Coffee Basket – Lab
Rachel Billings- Marketing/Outreach

Basket 5 – “Not all heroes wear capes, some wear masks.” – Infection Control
Rachel Billings- Marketing/Outreach

Basket 6 – Feather Your Nest – Respiratory
Mary Kay Lavicka- Outreach

Basket 7 – It Is so Good to Be Home – Marketing/Outreach
Kristi Rowe- Kentland Clinic

Basket 8 – Scentsy Basket – Resident Home
Laura Bell- Business Office

Basket 9 – Saturday Fun Day – Iroquois Memorial Hospice & Home Health
Angie Pratt- Human Resources

Basket 10 – Beach/Pool Fun Bag – Environmental Services
Lori Yates- Env. Service

Basket 11 – Welcome Sign – IMH Kentland Clinic
Michelle Fox- IT/Informatics/Medical Staff







In total, the IMH Employee Committee raised $631 with the Basket Raffle! “There were many uniquely themed baskets this year. Employees had fun bidding on their favorites, while also raising money for a good cause”, says Savannah Burton, the lead on this project. It was a fun activity for our employees that also raised money for our employees. It’s important to keep things light and lively in times like this, to have something for people to root for and look forward to. All in all, the Basket Raffle was a success that everyone enjoyed!

More About the Employee Committee

It is the mission of the IMH Employee Committee to support fellow employees with financial needs and promote camaraderie through social events.

The IMH Employee Committee provides assistance to employees with financial hardships. Employees may request employee assistance from the Employee Committee if they meet the following criteria:

Family Health Related Emergency/Death – Critical illness or injury of the employee or immediate family member that requires time off work and loss of income. Immediate family member is defined as spouse, domestic partner, child, parent or other relationship in which the employee is the legal guardian or sole caretaker.

Personal Crisis – A personal crisis of a severe nature that directly impacts the employee. This may include a natural disaster impacting the employee’s primary residence, such as a flood, fire or severe storm. 







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