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IMH Superstar: Stephanie Wilson – Business Office

“Stephanie is rarely seen without a smile on her face and she is always willing to help anyone!

IMG_1531Stephanie Wilson has been a member of the IMH family for 17 years. When the position for a billing specialist opened up at IMH, she was just returning to work after her first son was born and needed a change. Since day one at IMH, she has been in the Business Office using her customer service skills and medical background to help patients with their billing and insurance needs. Stephanie is responsible for processing and following up on insurance claims. She also works directly with patients to help them with their bills, insurance, and financial assistance needs. She does her best to take care of our patients and makes it a point to “never let anyone leave upset.”

IMG_0634.jpgStephanie grew up in Milford and still lives there today! She has three children – Shane, a 7th grader at Milford Junior High; Zack, a freshman at ISU; and Brianna her 26 year old daughter! Stephanie is a typical busy mom – enjoying simple routine with her youngest son every night. Although, the hustle and bustle of juggling homework checks, supper, and quality time can sometimes feel anything but simple. At the end of the day, Stephanie is family focused,spending as much time as possible with her family and boyfriend of 9 years (after meeting at IMH!), Scott Schneider. Her favorite time of year is when they take a special trip to Florida to visit her parents – they don’t get to visit often and use that time to celebrate all of the missed birthdays and holidays at once! When she does get some spare time, Stephanie likes to relax and watch movies or go shopping – she is especially looking forward to Black Friday shopping with Scott again this year!

IMG_1437When we asked Stephanie what she enjoyed about working at IMH she said, “I absolutely love the people I work with. I really enjoy being able to help the patients resolve any issues they have and keep them happy.” Others have described Stephanie as charismatic, fun, and hard working.

From all of us at IMH, Thank you Stephanie for many years with us and always taking care of our patients! You are a true Superstar in Healthcare!

Stephanie Wilson



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