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IMH Superstar: Amy Schroeder, PT – Rehab Services

“Amy is one of hardest working and most dedicated physical therapists at IMH Rehab Services! We are lucky to have her on our team!”

IMG_3041Amy Schroeder wanted to be a physical therapist from the time she was a little girl. She watched her grandpa go through years and years of in-home therapy following a farming accident that left him quadriplegic. When she went to college, she found that in order to achieve her dream of being a physical therapist she first had to gain her undergraduate degree in a related field – she chose biology. Six and half years later she graduated with her undergraduates in biology and BA in physical therapy. As a physical therapist, Amy is responsible for evaluating the patients and creating treatment plans. Once this part is complete, the physical therapist assistants can help her with the patient’s visits and following her set treatment plan.

1280545939749863117Amy Schroeder has been a member of the IMH family for 14 years. She works with patients of all ages, using physical therapy to help them recover and rebuild muscle function. While she loves working with all ages, she found her true niche with pediatric patients – from infants to adolescents she has a gift for connecting with children. Another physical therapy field she specializes in is vestibular therapy – for patients who present with vertigo (a sensation of spinning and loss of balance). Amy uses video frenzel goggles that allow her to see the movement of the patients’ eyes while they are in darkness so that patient does not focus on their surroundings. This allows her to take measurements of the eye and determine how to treat the patient! Most of her colleagues just call it her “dizzy voodoo” though.

3496210056843166401When Amy isn’t helping patients see straight, she is usually busy trying to keep her schedule straight. Amy and her husband Paul have been married 24 years and have raised three children who love sports. Athletic children means Amy is always busy – going to games and practices. Her oldest, Nathan, plays basketball for Monmouth College, Natalie is 16 and plays golf, basketball and softball, and Noelle is 10 and plays softball.  In addition to watching her children play sports, she enjoys watching the Colts and the Cubs play too! Amy also takes time to volunteer at GiGi’s playhouse, a developmental achievement center for individuals with Down Syndrome, work with area schools to teach children about disabilities and equipment, and teach Sunday School at Calvary Lutheran Church.

When we asked Amy what she enjoyed about working at IMH she said, “I love the team of therapists I work with. It is a great team to be a part of. Each of us have our own specialties that allow us to work together to give the patients the best treatment possible. I also love the variety of patients and being able to meet so many different people!” Amy has been described as hard working, dedicated, and an excellent physical therapist. “You can tell she truly enjoys what she does!”

From all of us at IMH, Thank you Amy for all you do to help us keep our patients moving! You are a true Superstar in Healthcare!

Amy Schroeder


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