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IMH Superstar: Craig Keith, Information Technology

Craig couldn’t have been closer to the truth when he said, “IMH is close to home and the commitment of the staff to what we do is evident everywhere you look”.

IMG_0397.JPGCraig Keith has been a member of the IMH family for twelve years. In that time, he has taken on many new projects and ventures in the I.T. Department and became the lead in many areas. However, he wasn’t always a computer guy. After high school, Craig started out as a fire equipment salesman, then moved on to be an insurance salesman. During his time as an insurance salesman, the company invested in new laptops for the agents – that was when Craig discovered his love for computers and programming. He found he was more interested in the computer and how it worked than he was in selling insurance. It wasn’t long before Craig moved on to a systems administration position at Standard Register. When that company closed down, Craig joined the IMH family and has been with us ever since.

IMG_0409.JPGAccording Craig, I.T. is basically maintenance for the digital world. He and his team install, configure, troubleshoot, and repair hardware and software. Among the daily calls for password resets, computer issues, and basic technical support, Craig and his team also maintain the major hospital servers, ensure the phone systems are running properly, and manage the wide area network (the system that connects the hospital and  the four satellite facilities). All of the team members work together, but each one has their specialties and areas they are the most proficient. For Craig that includes any tele-communications (phone), programming, or fire-wall issues. He knows the phone systems inside and out. The phone systems at the hospital and Iroquois Regional Health Center are the largest, but there are smaller systems at the satellite clinics as well. He can also tell you anything you could want to know about the firewall and how it works! Did you know that the IMH firewall is not only a way to keep people’s information secure from outside sources, it also serves as a conduit for us to connect with our program partners that help us serve patients everyday!

20181009_103407When Craig is not knee deep in electronics, you can usually find him in the outdoors. He and his wife Teresa love to go hiking – they just returned from a trip to Colorado to hike through the snow covered mountains. They don’t just hike on vacation though, you can find them as close as hiking the hills of Turkey Run. Craig also enjoys sailing, scuba diving, and playing piano. In his spare time he flies his drone – taking aerial images of his home and the surrounding areas. He has been working towards getting his business use certification. Recently, he has started making para-cord crafts including bracelets, key chains, and lanyards. He can often just look at someones work and decipher what braiding pattern was used to design it!

When we asked Craig why he enjoyed working at IMH he said, I love the friendly inviting atmosphere. I’m so thankful to have such great partners to work with. We all complement each other’s strengths to find the most efficient way to serve the staff and patients!”


From all of us at IMH, Thank you Craig for support, dedication, and great attitude in all you do. You are a true superstar in healthcare!!



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