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IMH Superstars: Jerry Bohner & Jerry Frerichs – Purchasing & Van Transport

This week is a special week. We had two employees nominated for IMH Superstar together! “Both of them are very helpful and we are extremely appreciative of all they do for us!!”

jerrys2Jerry Bohner has been a member of the IMH family for almost 17 years and for Jerry Frerichs it has been 11 years. They typically alternate shifts and work part time. You can usually find Bohner on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and Frerichs on Monday, Thursday, and Fridays. When they are not transporting patients to and from their appointments at the MSP Clinic or IMH, they are assisting in the purchasing department. They help unload, sort and deliver packages that come to the hospital daily. They also transport the Residents from the Iroquois Resident Home when they go on outings or for van rides. Both are well known all over the hospital and by the many patients that come and go.

When Jerry Bohner first started at IMH he worked strictly with purchasing. He left IMH for a short period. However, he was not away long before he came back and moved into the role of van driver, providing transport services to patients. Frerichs, at the time, was already working as a part time driver and needed help covering the days he was not available. Then, as the need arose for purchasing assistance it wasn’t a stretch for Bohner to jump into the role and Frerichs followed suit! They both are always willing to help whenever and where ever needed.

IMG_1646Jerry Bohner and his wife of 55 years, Patricia, have 3 grown sons and 4 grandchildren. He loves playing ball with his grandson and spending as much time as he can with all of his grandchildren. He is an avid Chicago fan – Cubs, Blackhawks, and Bears. Cubs baseball is his favorite sport to watch. In his spare time, he also enjoys reading autobiography and history novels. When we asked Jerry Bohner what he enjoyed about working at IMH he said, “I enjoy being able to help provide that personal touch that comes with IMH. People notice it and appreciate it. And, I really enjoy taking the residents out!” Jerry Bohner will often fill in when other purchasing team members are on vacation or out.


Jerry Frerichs and his wife, Jayne (an ER nurse at IMH), have been married for 51 years. They have 2 daughters, 1 son, and 4 grandchildren. In his free time, Frerichs enjoys tending to his vegetable garden, reading anything he can, and wood working. When his church burnt down a few years ago, there was tall old Oak tree that was cut down. He and his wife, took the wood from that tree and built a large cross for the church that is now displayed in the sanctuary of the rebuilt church. He is an Army Veteran and is always willing to share stories from his Army days. When we asked Jerry Frerichs what he enjoyed about working at IMH he said, “All my life I was a farmer – you spend a lot long hours confined in a tractor or combine. This is a huge change…I enjoy meeting and working with all of the people here.” Jerry Frerichs also takes time to make tools that simplify tasks for others – work carts, tables, etc.

“They both are just the BEST!” said one co-worker. From all of us at IMH, Thank you to our Jerrys for being so helpful, caring, and dedicated. You are true Superstars in Healthcare!

Jerry Bohner Jerry Frerichs


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