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IMH Superstar: Angie Potts, RN – Iroquois Home Health

The old saying goes, “The most precious gift you can give is your time”. With all she does, Angie embodies that saying, not only for IMH but also for the community!

Angie and co-worker, Brenda

Angie Potts was born and raised in Watseka, attending Watseka Community High School. After spending time taking care of her aunt, Angie knew she wanted to be involved in nursing. As coincidence would have it, years later when she took the CNA course during her senior year of high school, the same nurse who had provided home health care for her aunt was the instructor for the course. This is where Angie attributes her inspiration to work in home health. After high school, she continued her education at Kankakee Community College where she achieved her RN. Angie has been working with Iroquois Home Health since she began her career at IMH in 2005. When she started, Angie was a Home Health nurse and made visits in patients’ homes to care for them. 13 years later she says her job hasn’t changed too much, she still goes out for home health visits to patients, but she has also taken on more responsibility. Now, her duties also include the nursing assessment to determine what care and services the patient needs, case management, and helping the supervisor with audits, schedules, and performance indicators.

Angie with Girl Scout Troop #2529

When she is not taking care of patients in their home, she and her daughter Sophie are taking care of the community in anyway they can. Angie is a full time Girl Scout Troop leader for Sophie’s troop. She is also involved in numerous volunteer efforts including the food pantry, Watseka Park District, Girl Scouts, Calvary Lutheran VBS, and more. All of these volunteer groups not only gain Angie, but also her daughter as she learns what it means to take care of others. Angie says, “I spend everyday asking myself what I can do for other people – I have a mission to save the world, I just don’t know how.” Angie and Sophie also enjoy baking together and their newest hobby, geocashing. Geocashing is basically described as satellite treasure/scavenger hunting – they find anything from money, to unique landmarks, to interesting objects – things that they find are called “cashes”. Her favorite “cash” was in Lafayette, IN where they traveled through a cemetery following the clues that lead to the most unique headstones in the cemetery including a six foot teddy bear shaped stone!

Iroquois Home Health Team

When we asked Angie why she chose IMH she said, “It’s home – It’s comfortable! I worked here briefly, left and then came back. They say ‘you always make your way back home’ and IMH is no different. My co-workers and the patients make this a family. Everyone knows me and our team, and the ability to provide our patients with ‘one-stop shop’ care makes it so much better – to be known as part of the team that can get it done!” Angie was nominated for IMH Superstar and referred to as “the backbone of Iroquois Home Health”. One co-worker said, “She provides excellent patient care, and her patients love her. She has been a great mentor and friend to her fellow employees. People like Angie make Home Health and other similar programs successful!”

From all of us at IMH, Thank You Angie for your support, excellence, and for your time. You are a true Superstar in Healthcare!

Angie Potts


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  1. Angie has been extremely helpful with our Hospice Brunch. She has gone above and beyond to do all she could to help make it a success.

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