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IMH Superstar: Leigh Spooner, RN – Surgery & IMH Gilman Clinic

“We can always count on Leigh to step in and go the extra mile to help IMH, a co-worker, or a patient. She takes the time to make sure each patient is taken care of the best way possible.”

Leigh Spooner grew up in a small town about the size of Watseka called Hillsboro. Growing up she idolized her great-aunt, who was a nurse – when it came time for her to choose a career path it was no surprise that Leigh decided to pursue nursing. She attended Greenville University for her Bachelor’s Degree in Arts/Science and later on attended the University of St. Louis to achieve her BSN. When Leigh began her career at IMH in 1998, she was caring for patients in the Intensive Care Unit. When an opening in surgery became available, she took the opportunity and has been there for the last 17 years. However, she really is a jack-of-all-trades. She often helps around the hospital where ever she is needed. Most recently she has been helping patients at the IMH Gilman Clinic three days a week. She loves being able to work in different fields, but critical care is where she feels most at home.

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While she was attending Greenville University, she met her husband Brian. When Brian was offered a coaching position at Clifton Central High School, they moved to an area where they knew no one and started their lives together. Leigh and Brian have now lived in Clifton IL for 21 years. They have three children – Brian Jr. who just started his first semester at the University of Wisconsin Steven’s Point, Brock who is a sophomore, and Brenna, a 4th grader. When Leigh is not at work, you can usually find her at the ball fields. Whether it is football, baseball, softball, track or basketball, she is always present watching her kids’ games or her husband coach. In the 21 years that her husband has been coaching and across the many sports her kids’ are involved in, she proudly boasts that she has only missed a handful of games (maybe five). However, out of all of the sports, football is by far her favorite. On the rare occasions that she is not at the ball field or working, she takes time to enjoy her most favorite past time – fishing! And on Sunday mornings, Leigh can be found at church singing with her local worship team!

When we asked Leigh what she enjoyed about working at IMH she said, “Bigger isn’t always better. The atmosphere here has always been great and I can always count on my co-workers. Over the many years here we have become a family. I feel like that doesn’t really happen at bigger hospitals.” It was said that “Leigh is a great nurse and her excellence and dedication definitely deserve recognition!”

From all of us at IMH, Thank you Leigh for your many and continued years of hard work. You are a true Superstar in Healthcare!

Leigh Spooner


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