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IMH Superstar: Donna Tobeck – Housekeeping

“Donna is a hard worker. She is always willing to help out and is excellent at her job!”

Donna Tobeck has been a member of the IMH family for 13 years. She has been a resident of Watseka her whole life. When she began her career she was a part time housekeeper, supplementing her primary income. As time went on she decided that IMH was a better fit for her and joined the team as a full time housekeeper. Many housekeepers are responsible for multiple areas, Donna is no different. She is the early morning ground floor housekeeper – responsibilities including cleaning multiple areas including Switchboard, Emergency Department, Medical Imaging, offices, and many other areas that are located on the ground floor. Her daughter, Stacy, also works at IMH in the Iroquois Resident Home!


Donna has three grown children, five grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren with one on the way! Although her shift is technically considered early morning – it is VERY early morning. She starts her day at 1:30 in the morning and ending around 10am. With all of her children grown, Donna lives with her dogs, Allie and Gunner. After she gets off work before she goes to bed for the day, she will often take her dogs for a walk or watch movies. Her favorite movies to watch are kids movies and animations – the most recent movie she watched was Smurfs 2. Animations are often light and humorous and she enjoys the simplicity.

When we asked Donna why she enjoyed working at IMH she said, “I like to meet new people. I like to help people! I love the atmosphere here and the people I work with!” She proceeded to tell a story of how she had help an elderly woman reach her appointment, and how those little things make her truly enjoy her job and the ability to help people. Co-workers note that Donna is great with people and she is loved by all. She will often give her co-workers a hard time, but at the end of the day they know that Donna is always willing to help anyone who needs it.

From all of us at IMH, Thank you Donna for your dedication, efficient and hard work. You are a true superstar in healthcare!

Donna Tobeck


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