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IMH Superstar: Kelly Schladenhauffen – Medical Imaging

“Kelly has been with IMH for a long time, she is often a comfort to our patients. She does her job efficiently and is always willing to help out!”

Kelly Schladenhauffen began her career at IMH on August 21, 2000. Kelly knew she wanted to work with people and enjoyed the healthcare setting, but the sight of blood makes her faint so nursing wasn’t an option. When the position at IMH opened up, it was a perfect fit!! She started in the Patient Financial Services department. For her first 17 years at IMH, Kelly worked closely with patients and their insurance companies to ensure that their hospital stays and procedures were covered. She would also cover in outpatient registration, helping to check-in and register patients. When the unit secretary position opened in Medical Imaging, she decided to try something new. Now, anytime a patient comes into the x-ray department, Kelly’s face is often the first one they see. Kelly checks in patients for their appointments, answers the phone, coordinates scheduled, ER, and walk-in patients as they come through Medical Imaging. She also reviews each patient’s order to make sure it is correct, avoiding delays in the patient’s care when they arrive for their appointment.

Kelly with a few of the Medical Imaging crew
Kelly’s favorite photo she has ever taken of her son, Dalton.

When Kelly is not directing traffic in Medical Imaging, you can usually find her with friends or family. She has been married to her husband Tim for 24 years this month, and their son Dalton will be 21 this month as well. (Seems like all of the good things happen in August for Kelly!) She enjoys spending time in her pool, camping, and watching movies – her favorite movie is The Notebook! Kelly also loves football. She can’t pinpoint a favorite team, with the exception of the Watseka Warriors when Dalton was playing. She just genuinely enjoys the sport, whether she is watching a live game or a movie about football! Not many people are aware that Kelly is an avid photographer. While she has never taken any classes, she has been practicing since Dalton was born! When she and her family lost all of their photographs in the flood of 2008, she became even more interested – taking as many photos as she can as often as she can!


When we asked Kelly what she enjoyed about working with IMH she said, “Its my second family – I’ve felt that way from the day I started – and I’ve made some amazing friends here. I also love being involved in an indirect way with helping patients feel better.” Others have called Kelly everything from awesome to outstanding to enthusiastic!

From all of us at IMH, thank you Kelly for your dedication and hard work. You are a true Superstar in Healthcare!

Kelly Schladenhauffen


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