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IMH Superstar: Laura Suchor – Administration

“Laura will always drop whatever she is doing to help a co-worker. She is an extremely dedicated and hard worker and is very loyal to IMH” – Mary

Laura and Rebecca Wright, COO, at the IMH Community Picnic 2018

Laura Suchor has been a member of the IMH family as the administrative assistant for eight years.  In that time she has become the driving force behind the executive team. Anytime anyone needs to know what is going on in the hospital, Laura almost always has the answer or can direct them to the correct place to find the answer. Laura grew up in Palos Hills, IL and, after graduating college, she worked as a pharmacy technician for many years. She and her husband Gary owned a marble and granite business which brought them to this area. When the business closed in 2009, she started seeking work that would allow her to make a difference for people. When the position of administrative assistant opened up here at IMH, it was the perfect fit with her experience in healthcare and the accounting work she had been doing for her family business.

Laura all dressed up for hospital week 2018

Laura leads a busy life both at work and at home. She and Gary reside in Sheldon and own a 36 acre farm in Woodland. However, most of the farm is hunting woods that Gary uses. Laura loves to fish, but leaves the hunting to Gary. Approaching 25 years of marriage, Laura and Gary have 2 daughters, Megan and Allison, and one grandson, Dekker. Laura will proudly tell you that Allison is attending ISU as junior with a major in marketing and Megan is a full time mom to baby Dekker. When she is not at work, you can often find Laura spending time with one or both of her daughters. They will go camping as a family (real camping with a tent and no electricity!) or take vacations together. In addition to all of that, she still finds time to be a board member of the Watseka Area Chamber of Commerce – with a position as Treasurer for 2 years – a member of the Iroquois County Republican Women’s Club – as both a past President of the club and currently as Treasurer – among many other volunteer positions!

When we asked Laura what she enjoyed about working at IMH she said, “I love that my job is constantly evolving and I learn new things all the time. Mostly, I love the people I work with!” Others have noted that Laura is “always ready to roll-up her sleeves and dig in to help, no matter what the task.”

From all of us at IMH, thank you Laura for your incredible dedication and support. You are a true superstar in healthcare!

Laura Suchor



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