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IMH Superstar: Becky Merkle, RN – Progressive Care Unit

“My favorite thing about being a nurse at IMH is getting to know all of my patients.” – Becky

Becky Merkle is a Registered Nurse in the Progressive Care Unit on 3rd floor at IMH. She has been a member of the IMH family for 36 years, starting her career in 1982 shortly after completing her ADN program at Kankakee Community College. Then, IMH saw her through completion of her BSN program at Governor’s State University in 1985. She started out in the Medical Surgery Unit for 8 years. After that, she tried out Quality Assurance for a year, then moved on to work at the Gilman Clinic for 25 years. She only recently transferred to the Progressive Care Unit about 2 years ago. As an RN in PCU she helps admit patients, tends to their needs while they are in the hospital, and then helps them when they are discharged. Becky’s mother always wanted to be a nurse, however Becky is one of 13 children, so nursing was not an option for her mother. As she and her sisters grew up they each decided to go into nursing and Becky fell in love with the profession.

Becky with her co-workers

When Becky is not taking care of patients, she can often be found reading a good book. She has no author or genre preference – reading everything from romance to thriller. She loves working outside in her yard doing landscaping around the house. She and her husband Gary have been married for 31 years this November. They have two children, Tahlia and Danielle, and one grandson who Becky loves babysitting! Not many people know this about Becky, but she and her husband love to travel all over the country visiting tractor pulls! Her favorite place is Urbana, Ohio, where they hold the Championship Tractor Pull competition – the best of the best show up for this event. She also loves going to Cubs games with her family. She is a fan, but she says her daughter wins the biggest Cubs fan contest in their house.

30 yrs Becky Merkle + Hubby 4-2013 DSCF1513
Becky an Gary at the IMH Service Awards Dinner in 2012

When we asked Becky what she enjoyed about IMH after all these years she said, “I love nursing. I love the patients. I love being in a small hospital, everyone knows your name. IMH is comfortable, like home.” Others have described Becky as a hard worker, smart, and kind.

From all of us at IMH – Thank you for your dedication to IMH Becky! You are a true Superstar in Healthcare!

Becky Merkle



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