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IMH Superstar: Angie Chouinard, MLT (ASCP) – Laboratory

“When you’ve been here for so long, the hospital sort of becomes your extended family. When a baby is born – you celebrate with them. When a loved one passes – you mourn with them.” – Angie

Angie Chouinard has been a member of the IMH family for 20 years. She began her career as a Kankakee Community College student, fulfilling her clinical hour requirements. On the first day she was due for clinicals in January of 1998, the area saw one of the largest blizzards of that year and she was 25 miles from the hospital. Not only did Angie make it on time to start her clinical training, but she was the only student from her class to do so! The Lab Director at the time was immediately impressed and offered her a position at IMH before she had even completed her clinical training. Originally, Angie was studying in the pre-med program at Kankakee Community College, with the expectation of becoming a pediatrician. However, part way through her program, a family member lost their child to SIDS. She quickly realized that even though she loved the idea of working with children in a healthcare setting, losing someone that small was unavoidable and possible more than she could handle. A friend suggested that she look into becoming a lab technician because she was proficient in math and science (and had a strong stomach). Once she began classes, Angie realized she had found something she truly enjoyed. She went on to complete and receive her MLT licensing and ASCP (American Society for Clinical Pathology) accreditation that allows her to practice pathology anywhere in the US.

Angie hard at work in the IMH Laboratory

When Angie is not analyzing lab results or drawing a patient’s blood, her favorite pasttime is attending concerts. She has seen more concerts than she can count with artists ranging from Garth Brooks to Pink – starting at age 14 with Bruce Springsteen – often going with friends or her family. She and her husband Joseph have been married for 20 years, they have 2 children, Lauren and Nathan, and a turtle, Sheldon (named after the main character from Big Bang Theory). Angie is best known for her love of fandoms. She loves watching and reading everything from Harry Potter to Outlander to Game of Thrones. She makes time to knit and crochet for the Knot So Perfect Knitting Group – they have knit blankets for the Residents at Iroquois Resident Home and crocheted dishcloths to donate to the Watseka Food Pantry. On top of all of that, Angie also plays the drums!

Angie has been described as dedicated, upbeat, positive, and a very excellent lab tech. When we asked Angie what she enjoys about working at IMH, she said “I love the hometown atmosphere – I feel like I have family all over Iroquois County. I have patients I know by name, because I have worked with them for so many years. IMH is home.”

From all of us at IMH – Thank you Angie for your many years of service and dedication. You are a true Superstar in Healthcare and we truly appreciate you!

Angie Chouinard


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