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EMS Strong: The right thing…

IMH Emergency Medical Service (EMS) employs 15 Paramedics, 2 Intermediates, and 11 Basic EMTs. Collectively, they have over 340 years of service, including five individuals with more than 20 years each.

They service Iroquois County with 2 ambulance bays located in Watseka and Gilman. In 2017, IMH EMS responded to 4,517 calls.

While each call is important…some calls are more memorable than others..

7650991664_IMG_1810-1339318658-1526739064204.jpgNot all calls have tragic or heroic outcomes – sometimes it’s just about doing the right thing and being in the right place at the right time. While working one evening, EMTs were called to the scene of an accident. In the vehicle was a mother and her two children. Fortunately, the children were unscathed but the mother needed to be taken the Emergency Room to get checked out. As EMTs worked with the mother, it became clear that there was no where for the children to go and they would accompany her to the ER. This is not an uncommon occurrence, especially if the primary patient is not severely injured. What made this day so different was the state of the children. EMTs and attending police noticed that the children seemed run down and lacking – one child had no shoes.

As the mother was going through the processes of post-accident ER follow-up, EMTs and local police banded together to help these children. Making a stop at the store, they purchased shoes, clean clothes, and even a small toy for each of the children to play with while they waited for their mother in the Emergency Room. The way those children appreciated the small items they had received, meant everything. Making these specific EMTs realize that it is not always about the call itself – sometimes it’s about making a difference in any way possible

We see the differences you make. Thank you to our awesome EMS teams for all you do, and Happy EMS Week.


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