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A helping hand..

Seeing someone you love suffer is hard enough, but to see them suffer and not be able to provide them with the best care is even harder. It was no different for Iroquois Home Care (IHC) employee, Trudy.

hand-in-hand-1686811_1920Trudy’s mother-in-law was facing declining health issues. Living in Indiana, it was becoming increasingly difficult to find the caring assistance she needed with daily activities.  This constant struggle on top of everything else, began to wear on Trudy. In addition to trying to find care for her mother-in-law, she was working full time, and still trying to take time to enjoy her mother-in-law’s last days.

As the days wore on, with no solution in sight she began to break down. It was one of those days where the struggle just seemed to be too much when Angie, an Iroquois Memorial Hospice and Iroquois Home Health employee, just happened to be visiting the IHC division of the Iroquois Regional Health Center building. Angie noticed that Trudy was tearful and visibly upset. As Angie was consoling Trudy, another employee inquired if Angie had any contacts in Indiana that the family could hire to help with care. At the time, Angie didn’t really have an answer. Because she was a resident of Indiana, hospice care through Iroquois Memorial Hospice was not something the family could use.

Angie & Mindy

As the day went by, Angie thought more and more on Trudy’s predicament. She went home that evening and shared everything with her daughter. Angie’s daughter Mindy (who dated Trudy’s son in the past) is a CNA and was home for Spring break from St. Francis College in Peoria. Together, they decided to reach out to Trudy and offer their assistance. Mindy contacted Trudy and went out that same day to begin caring for her mother-in-law.

Over the course of that weekend, Angie and Mindy worked together providing on-call care and visiting to care for her at least twice a day. In that time, Angie provided books and information to the family to prepare them for what was coming, Mindy and Angie provided Hospice Care including bathing and feeding, and they simply took the burden of care off of the family.

Trudy & Angie

Trudy’s mother-in-law passed the following Tuesday. Angie was working, but Mindy was with the family when she passed. Mindy was able to console the family and offer advice what their next steps would be, just as a traditional Hospice nurse would. Angie and Mindy both attended the funeral. It was a matter of days from the time Angie and Mindy became involved to the time of her passing, but the help and services that they provided to Trudy and her family were invaluable.

Events like this happen across IMH  all the time, even if we don’t hear of them. It is often said by many employees, that IMH is like a second family. We all care about and for one another and when our family is in need we band together and lend a helping hand.



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