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IMH Superstar: Stephanie Roberts, CNA – Home Health/Hospice/Resident Home

Iroquois Memorial Hospital would not be successful without the support of our incredible staff. Some members stand out as Superstars!

Each week, we will be featuring a new Superstar staff member to highlight their outstanding commitment and dedication to IMH and the patients we serve.

This week’s featured employee is Stephanie Roberts. Stephanie was one of the last students to receive her CNA license through the program taught at IMH in 2008.  She was hired on at the Iroquois Resident Home immediately following her certification and has been there in some capacity ever since. Stephanie has now extended her reach as a nurse’s aid to include Home Health and Hospice. Her desire to be a CNA started when she was 15 years old watching her great-grandmother go through nursing home care. From then on, she decided she wanted to help and care for people.

When Stephanie is not caring for patients, she enjoys spending time at home. She and her husband Carey have three children Natalie, Nicole, and Emma. Natalie and Emma are both involved in school sports activities, while Nicole is the book worm. Outside of going to sporting events for her children, she prefers to spend time at home gardening or crafting. Although most don’t know this about her, Stephanie is quite the homemaker. She prefers to live off the land making things naturally and from scratch. Anytime she can, she uses fresh fruits, vegetables, and spices from her garden. Whatever she cannot use from her garden each year, she freezes or cans for use at a later time. This year, Stephanie is excited to use her new dehydrator, too! In addition to gardening, she dabbles in a little crafting. She usually makes decorations to use in her home or give to friends and family.

When we asked Stephanie what she liked about working at IMH she said, “I love my co-workers. I love being able to care for people and put a smile on their faces. At the end of the day, I am so grateful to have IMH.” We thank you Stephanie, we are grateful to have you too!

From all of us at IMH, thank you Stephanie for your outstanding service. You are a true Superstar in Healthcare!

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