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Cardiac Rehab: Building healthy hearts

Sunday, February 11th, began Cardiac Rehab week! Cardiac Rehabilitation is a program designed to help patients recovering from heart attack or heart surgery.

Cardiac Rehab Week recognition board at IMH

At IMH, we work with over 90 patients across all phases of the program.  There are 3 phases to our Cardiac Rehabilitation program. Each phase is designed to meet each person’s specific cardiac needs.


With the addition of other services, like Lucky Hearts, it’s no wonder our patients have such good things to say about Cardiac Rehab…

Cardiac Rehab at IMH has helped me enjoy exercising and maintain an exercise schedule. I have been coming here for almost 6 years and I think it’s the greatest! You form a close bond with the other patients and that bond keeps you coming back for more. The staff is so great, too. They are caring and professional and you receive a mini check-up [including] blood pressure monitoring when you attend. Thank you for all you do for us” — AZ

Cardiac Rehab has given me hope. Given me a purpose. Given me motivation! And renewed friendships!” –JS

Marsha, Lisa, and Amy are very informative and helpful. When I come to exercise I feel energized and more alert. When I get done, if I need help, staff are there to guide and help me through it. Also, they have health information and classes we can go to for further health tips.” — CCelectrocardiogram-2858693_1280

For more information about the IMH Cardiac Rehabilitation Program call 815.432.7773.


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