When the community speaks: A message of appreciation!

In November, we asked everyone to share what IMH meant to them. While we always love to hear that our presence and actions as a hospital have made an impact, this was not just for our ears. The company that we partner with for our patient care software, Athena, was hosting a national contest. The winner of the contest received recognition from AthenaHealth as a leading rural hospital, as well as marketing and public relations support from their firm. We were very excited for this opportunity that could help us provide everyone with better care and extend our reach to people who may not be aware of all the services we can offer. Therefore, we reached out to the community…


We had an outpouring of responses! So much so, that IMH was selected as the 4th place winner nationwide! To share every response would be nearly impossible. However, to show our appreciation, we would like to share some of the stories that inspired AthenaHealth to select our hospital as the 4th place winner.

My Aunt worked for the local paving company as a flag-woman and was unfortunately struck by a motorist one morning. She was thrown 35 feet and suffered a number of serious life threatening injuries. Even though IMH could not perform all of the operations necessary to save her life, they were able to stabilize her for transport to a trauma center where her life was indeed saved. If it were not for the IMH ER I do not believe that my Aunt would still be alive today.  That accident was approximately 15 years ago and because of our ER I still have my Aunt and for me that is why IMH is important to me!  –RS

I know every time I come here people will take good care of me. That means a lot. I also come here to exercise 3 days a week. This makes me feel very good. And the nurses are very good and keep loving eyes on everyone. Thank you.  –KR

My brother-in-law had a stroke. He woke up from a nap and couldn’t move his arm, his speech was slurred, and his had some drooping [in his face]. He lives 3 blocks from the hospital. He drove himself. Once there, he was given a clot buster. Because of the medication and IMH being in our community, my brother-in-law was able to 100% recoup. The medication that was given was time sensitive and could not have been given if the hospital wasn’t close. Thank you IMH. –JW

I have always appreciated IMH being in my community, but recently I came to realize why. My husband had a heart issue at home on November 15th and I found it necessary to call 911, something I never thought I would need to do. The ambulance, with Jeremy and Amy, arrived within 5 minutes and took my husband to IMH. They and the staff at Iroquois Memorial saved my husband’s life. Dr. McCool and his knowledgeable nurses and techs jumped into action doing all of the necessary tests and scans.  After they had done all they could, they willingly transferred him by ambulance to a nearby hospital [with] his cardiac doctor without delay.  Thank you, IMH, for being there for us and doing what a good hospital is supposed to do. –KS

One evening my biological mother called me and wanted me to take her to the ER…She is the type of person that does not go to the doctor or hospital. I picked her up and brought her to IMH ER. Dr. [Kurzejka] was very kind and patient with a stubborn woman. She had pneumonia and other lung issues. Being such an anti-doctor/hospital person she refused to be admitted. Dr. K kept her in the ER for 2 [nebulizer] treatments and made sure she was stable before letting her go home. He is amazing! –JS

These are just a few of the many inspired stories that were submitted to AthenaHealth on behalf of IMH. In the words of Albert Einstein, we “strive not be a success, but rather to be of value.” We are so proud to have made such a valuable impact on this community and can’t thank each of you enough for taking time to share what IMH means to you!



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