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Chronic Care Management – What? Who? When? Why? How?


What is Chronic Care Management? It is exactly what it sounds like. It’s management of the treatment for chronic conditions. A Registered Nurse coordinates your care between you and your providers, in order to ensure you are always receiving the best and most complete care!


Who will manage your chronic care? At IMH, we have a Chronic Care Management Team in Watseka. DiAnne Schoolman, NP, sees patients every Wednesday at the IMH MSP Clinic, located in the hospital. However, this goes beyond a visit with the provider. A Registered Nurse works closely with DiAnne to stay informed about your care.  The RN stays in contact with you in between Clinic visits, assuring you are comfortable and confident in your treatment.

DiAnne Schoolman, NP
DiAnne Schoolman, NP


When does all of this happen?  As long as you are not currently receiving Chronic Care Management services, you can enroll today! You will speak directly with the Registered Nurse, Rachel Nelson, and schedule an appointment with DiAnne Schoolman, NP. After your initial appointment with the physician, we will assist you with scheduling routine follow up appointments to stay current with your care. In addition, prior to your appointment, we will help you identify any questions you may need to ask your doctor. In between your visits each month, you will receive a call to follow up and make sure the care plan set in place is working for you. We want to make sure your care is as simple and smooth as possible.


Why do you need Chronic Care Management? All of the extra work that comes with having a chronic condition can be overwhelming at times. When you enroll in our Chronic Care Management program, we take many steps to ensure you are comfortable, informed, and prepared for the future. You will have the opportunity to work with our health team to create a personalized care plan that will help you manage your health needs in the best way possible. You will have assistance with completing and understanding your medication, condition, and allergy lists. In addition, we will ensure you are scheduled for and receive timely preventative care visits. Basically, it is your life with chronic conditions: Simplified!


How can you join our program? You can sign your written consent and enroll in the Chronic Care Management program whenever you are ready to take charge of your care! In addition to all of the support you receive through your visits and the follow up calls,  your comprehensive care plan will be available to you 24/7 via the patient portal link on our website at!


Don’t wait! Contact Rachel Nelson, RN, at IMH by calling 815-432-7954. She will work with you to get you enrolled and scheduled to meet with DiAnne Schoolman, NP, for your first visit!  Let us partner with you to manage your health together! Call today!



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