Imagine life without IMH…

It has been said that when something is a constant in your life, often you can forget the impact it can have. Very few members of the community have been around long enough to remember what it was like before IMH. However, let’s imagine for one minute, a community without IMH…

If you have lived your whole life and never had someone you love be rushed to the hospital in an ambulance, you have been incredibly fortunate. For the rest of us, we know that, in many cases, that ambulance is being called because relying on your own mode of transportation to bring your loved one to hospital is just not fast enough. What would happen if that ambulance had to travel an additional 25-30 miles to reach your loved one? Then, they have to follow the same trip back just get your loved one to the complete care they need? Without IMH in our community and the quick, ready response by our EMS Ambulance services, there would be many of our loved ones who would not have received the immediate and attentive care they need in a time of crisis! In 2016, IMH EMS ambulance services answered over 5,500 calls and traveled over 164,000 miles. IMH is here, putting you and your loved one at ease in an emergency situation.

What if you don’t need an ambulance, though? Have you ever been awoken by your crying child at 3AM? Feeling how warm they are, you quickly take their temperature, it has spiked to 104° and you can’t get it to break!  Instincts kick in and you decide to rush your child to the closest Emergency Department. Imagine now, that ER is 40 minutes away.  In a time of crisis, you want immediate care for your loved one. IMH provides that prompt care to help your loved one get back to feeling like themselves. In 2016, IMH Emergency Department served over 10,500 patients. Those are family, friends, loved ones who may not have survived the long trek to another hospital to be treated. Not to mention, the additional cost incurred if your loved one had to be rushed via EMS Services. IMH is here for you, your needs, and your convenience.

What if you’re not sick, though? Chances are if you don’t work at IMH yourself, you know someone who does. What if you, your family, or friends did not have IMH. Where would we be? IMH is the largest employer in Iroquois County.  Over the past 101 years, we have seen generations pass through the IMH family. Even today, the torches are being passed from generation to generation with employees like Terrica Grosvenor, Clinic Coordinator, and her daughter, Mallory Grosvenor, dietary; or Ruth Johnson, ER nurse, and her daughter Lyndee Clubb, IMH Home Health/Hospice CNA. Not to mention, the many families who’s primary sources of income both come from IMH. This is an incredible but little known impact IMH makes on the community everyday.

From employment to emergency care, IMH is here for you and here for the community. We would not be the growing family we are today, without the support and commitment of our patients and employees who continue to choose IMH.  We are proud to be the constant in this community!

If you have a story about how IMH has made an impact on your life, please share with us. Email your story to or post to our Facebook page.



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