What does IMH mean to the community?

Since 1916, Iroquois Memorial Hospital, better known as IMH, has been serving Iroquois County and the surrounding areas. Over the years, IMH has grown and expanded to meet the needs of the community and its surrounding areas.

In their first year, the hospital staff cared for 274 patients. Since then, we have extended our reach to include clinics stretching from Kentland, IN to Gilman, IL, along with ambulance services in, both, Watseka and Gilman. With all of that, today, IMH cares for over 80,000 patients across five counties.

But these are just facts. Facts you can read anywhere.

What does having a small town hospital, like IMH, actually mean to the community?

It means: When there is a head-on collision, like the one my children were involved in, the ambulance crew, Emergency Room staff, and Medical Imaging staff were there to take care of them within minutes after being extricated from their car.

It means: When my mother-in-law had a heart attack, we were able to get to the hospital and have treatment begin within the golden hour. She would not have survived had IMH not been here.

It means: When I was getting daily infusions, I had less than a 15 minute drive to the hospital each day for over two weeks. That also meant only a 15 minute drive home – which really matters when the two bags of medicine made me feel very ill.

It means: When my son became ill and there were no clinics open, the Emergency Room was available to determine what was wrong and provide urgent care for him. Then, we were able to follow up with our doctor seamlessly at an IMH Clinic.

It means: Loved ones who are still here with us today – lives that were saved because of IMH.

What does IMH mean to the community? It means more time with family and friends. It means convenient, friendly care.

Let us know what IMH means to you? Tell us your story. How has having Iroquois Memorial Hospital in your community impacted your life?

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