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IMH Superstar – Penny Beckman, Radiology Technician(R) (CT)

Iroquois Memorial Hospital would not be successful without the support of our incredible staff. Some members stand out as Superstars!

Each week, we will be featuring a new Superstar staff member to highlight their outstanding commitment and dedication to IMH and the patients we serve.

This week’s featured employee is Penny Beckman, Radiology Technician. Penny has been a member of the IMH family for 15 years, starting as a radiology student. She can typically be found working with her colleagues in Medical Imaging, running the CT machine.

Although she has her family in Medical Imaging at IMH, her family at home can be summed up in two words — children and animals. Penny has four children, eight grandchildren, horses, ducks, cats, and chickens. She looks forward to shopping, going fishing with her husband, and watching the Cubs or Bears play!

Penny said, “I love my job as a CT Tech, using the most technologically advanced CT at IMH. I function as the ‘Eyes of Medicine’, usually one of the first steps done to help guide the physician in the diagnosis and treatment of a patient.”

Thank you Penny for your outstanding service. You are a true Superstar in Healthcare!

10-20-2017 Penny Beckman, Medical Imaging (1)


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