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Iroquois Memorial Hospital’s Move Towards Population Health

This weekend, September 24th and 25th, Iroquois Memorial Hospital is moving the IMH Multi Specialty Physicians Clinic from the Iroquois Regional Health Center to the Main Hospital campus on South 5th St. and moving the Specialty Clinic to the second floor of the hospital.


This move will benefit our patients by consolidating Primary Care and Specialty Care on to one campus. This also takes us a step forward preparing for Population Health as outlined in the Affordable Care Act.


If you Google Population Health you get over 16 million possible pages on the topic. Let me simplify for you what Population Health really means – it means us working with you to improve all aspects of your health – medical, behavioral, diet and exercise. Our Primary Care providers will be the focus point of this coordination of care.


The Population Health model begins with the dialogue from the primary care providers in the IMH Clinics with their patients. Physicians will spend more time discussing the importance of screenings, healthy lifestyles, and healthy choices. Patients who come to the MSP Clinic will have immediate access to the laboratory and medical imaging for screenings or testing.


If a referral to a specialist is needed the patient can see one Specialists that come to the Specialty Clinic which include a Dermatologist, Nephrologist (kidney specialist), Vascular Surgeon, Wound Care Physician, Otolaryngologist (ear, nose & throat), Oncologist, Orthopedic Surgeon, Podiatrist, and Gastroenterologists.


We also recently launched the Annual Wellness Visit program for those seniors on Medicare. This Medicare program allows seniors to meet with their provider annually and receive a series screenings. These screenings have no out of pocket expense for the Medicare Recipient, with limitations on frequency. The plan also includes a variety of risk assessments the patient needs to be aware of to be able to maintain or improve their current health status. This is a prime example of Population Health and keeping our patients healthy.


You will see more about Population Health and the ways that IMH is working towards improving the health of the residents in our service area.


Our clinics in Milford, Kentland and Gilman will continue to serve those communities in their current locations.


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